"Zen Unleashed is a cheerful, readable guide to Buddhism and the Zen tradition. People of all faiths – and no faith – will find something helpful here. Perhaps only a dog could write such a direct and useful account of practice for both Buddhists and everyone else."

-- Rev. Zuiko Redding, Resident Teacher, Cedar Rapids Zen Center.


 "Tim Macejak offers an insightful interpretation of Buddhism in layman's terms, while providing the reader with a marked emphasis on common threads that run through many of our religions. Zen Unleashed spawns a fresh awareness of the commonalities among religions, and how significantly faith affects who we are and who we will become. Catholics indeed share the sacredness of the moment with Buddhists!"

-- Karen Swindler M.M, former Chaplain of the Anamosa State Penitentiary

"This is a clearly and cleverly written invitation to the basic teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism, and a useful discussion-starter for interfaith groups."
-- Allen Fisher, Immediate Past President, Inter-Religious Council of Linn County

"No doubt about it, Sheila is one smart pooch. She shares her lessons clearly and with humor. But does this book answer the age-old Zen koan, 'Does a dog have Buddha-nature?' Read Zen Unleashed and decide for yourself"
-- Barbara Verkuillen, cofounder of the Stray Dog Sangha and author of The Tale of Zen Master Bho Li