“Bark at everyone
Or lie down for tummy rubs
How shall I greet life?”

Sheila the Zen dog


By Tim Macejak and Sheila the Zen dog

Sheila the Zen Dog encourages us — Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike — to find peace through letting go of attachments and learning to be in the moment. Whether pondering the merits of barking versus receiving tummy rubs, considering the similarities between police dogs and show dogs, or sharing secrets of doggie dreams, Sheila uses her natural dog wisdom, haiku poetry, and simple explanations to fetch and deliver a clear and useful summary of Zen Buddhist teachings. Often dubbed The Middle Path, Buddhism as explained by this Zen Dog offers guidance to anyone, regardless of breed.
Zen Unleashed Book Cover

Winner in the "Eastern Philosophy"
Category of the 2014 NABE Pinnacle Book

Award-Winning Finalist in the
"Religion-Eastern" Category of the 2014
International Book Awards

Gold medal winner in the
"Pets/Animals" category of the 2014
Living Now Book Awards


Author Tim Macejak

by the Secular Buddhist Association

by SeriousReading.com

Illustrations by Bud Podrazik


“This is a clearly and cleverly written invitation to the basic teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism, and a useful discussion-starter for interfaith groups.”

Allen Fisher

Past President, Inter-Religious Council of Linn County
“No doubt about it, Sheila is one smart pooch. She shares her lessons clearly and with humor. But does this book answer the age-old Zen koan, ‘Does a dog have Buddha-nature?’ Read Zen Unleashed and decide for yourself”

Barbara Verkuillen

Cofounder of the Stray Dog Sangha and author of The Tale of Zen Master Bho Lir
“Tim Macejak offers an insightful interpretation of Buddhism in layman’s terms, while providing the reader with a marked emphasis on common threads that run through many of our religions. Zen Unleashed spawns a fresh awareness of the commonalities among religions, and how significantly faith affects who we are and who we will become. Catholics indeed share the sacredness of the moment with Buddhists!”

Karen Swindler M.M

Former Chaplain of the Anamosa State Penitentiary
Zen Unleashed is a cheerful, readable guide to Buddhism and the Zen tradition. People of all faiths – and no faith – will find something helpful here. Perhaps only a dog could write such a direct and useful account of practice for both Buddhists and everyone else.”

Rev. Zuiko Redding

Resident Teacher, Cedar Rapids Zen Center

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Contact Information

Author: Tim Macejak
Email: tmace00@msn.com

Illustrator: Bud Podrazik
Email: Budpodrazik@aol.com